Utility-Scale PV Solutions

Sineng offers string inverter, central inverter and MV turnkey stations for utility-scale applications. With technical innovations and expertise in the field, Sineng prioritizes enhancing product performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety. The company's primary goal is to optimize the LCOE and make renewable energy accessible and cost-effective.


Solution Features

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    Low LCOE

    · Low initial investment, convenient installation and maintenance

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    Grid friendly

    · The centralized grid connection can fit the power grid well without any resonance risk

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    DC/AC ratio

    · Adjustable DC/AC ratio, up to 1.8

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    High Yield

    · Maximum effciency of up to 99%, advanced three-level topology

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    · Take full advantage of the inverter's SVG function to reduce SVG investment

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    Smart O&M

    · The smart energy management system offers performance analysis, advanced protection, fault alarms, optimization suggestions, and more

Networking Diagram

Utility PV System-Central.png
Utility PV System-String.png