• Can I purchase Sineng's products abroad?

    Yes, Sineng offers a variety of purchasing options through multiple channels. We have established our network of dealers and sales teams in most regions. For inquiries related to specific situations or regions, please click on the "Contact Us" link to get in touch with the relevant sales team.

  • Do you have a list of compatible battery brands that can work with Sineng inverter?

    In the download center, you can find the compatible list. Also, you can ask your retailer to get the compatible list. If you have a preferred battery brand, you can also contact our sales to do the compatible test.

  • What's the installation requirement for Sineng inverters?

    Sineng inverters are designed with high protection level, residential inverters have normally IP65 or IP66 ingress protection for outdoor installation. For C&I application, all C&I inverters are equipped with C5 level anti-corrosion design.

  • What is the anticipated delivery time after placing an order for the products?

    If we have the stock for the units you are willing to order, we will arrange the shipping within two working days after the payment terms were met. The total delivery period depends on the delivery way you select. You can check with our sales department for the estimated delivery period for a particular destination.

  • How can I pay for the units I order from Sineng?

    When you decide to purchase Sineng's products, please inform our sales team (overseas@si-neng.com) of the model number, quantity, your contact information, and the delivery address, along with your preferred port (for sea delivery only). We will then prepare a proforma invoice for your order.