Utility Energy Storage Solution

Sineng offers comprehensive utility-scale energy storage system solutions, including both string and central PCS. With exceptional performance, elevated efficiency, and utmost safety, these solutions play a crucial role in ensuring grid stability, enhancing grid resilience, and facilitating peak shaving to meet the diverse needs of customers.


Solution Features

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    Flexible Application

    · Wide DC voltage operation window, full power operation at 1500 V
    · Supporting parallel connection and easy system expansion
    · C4M anti-corrosion for the entire product, with optional C5 anti-corrosion based on the application environment
    · High protection level, suitable for diverse outdoor installations
    · Compatible with batteries above 280Ah

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    Simple O&M

    · Modular design of core components, easy installation, efficient maintenance
    · Modular design, breakdown of a single unit will not affect the operation of other equipment
    · Support program upgrade of the whole site

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    Exceptional Performance

    · Adopting I-type 3-level technology, the Max. efficiency up to 99%, improving charging and discharging efficiency
    · No Derating in operating conditions up to 45℃
    · Support full power four-quadrant operation

Networking Diagram

Utility Energy Storage-Central.png
Utility Energy Storage-String.png